How secure is your Brand or Logo

Many of you will have seen numerous media reports or articles over recent months regarding companies involved in costly defence of their intellectual property. TradeMarks Australiastays well informed and is aware of the costly impact of these battles on a business of any size.



Defending registered trademarks and designs is sometimes the only recourse, but often this could have been avoided if the trademark owner had ensured that their current trademark, packaging design, or logo was protected correctly.



This is where the value of engaging the services of TradeMarks Australia is highlighted. We can cast a critical eye over your current brand or brands and the goods and services associated, or planned to be associated with, and advise you of any potential infringements by others. As you know, it’s important to protect your brand and your reputation in the marketplace.



To assist you, we offer a Monitoring Service, whereby we will regularly check for any infringing trademark applications or unauthorised use of Business, Company or Domain Names.


Contact TradeMarks Australia International for free advice if you are unsure if your existing trademark require stronger protection.

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