About Trademarks Australia

TradeMarks Australia™ advises and assists individuals and organizations in Australia and internationally with the process and procedures involved in the registration of trademarks and company formation, from search through to registration.

We are also able to assist in other areas of intellectual property, such as Business Names, Domain Name Registration and Industrial Design Registration. We achieve this by liaising with the relevant Government authorities on your behalf.

TradeMarks Australia™ is an Australian Intellectual Property and Business consulting firm, assisting organizations in Australia and Internationally.

With the ever-growing business population, we are constantly attending to the needs of businesses throughout Australia and internationally by providing useful information and services relating to business formation and intellectual property.  This includes copyright, patents, industrial designs and trade secrets.

We are made up of experienced professionals who, combined, have significant experience in all aspects of business development, trademark law and IP practice.  We are able to provide a larger range of services, helping us achieve our goal of becoming a ‘one stop’ business shop.

We are aware that with the times constantly changing, so are businesses and therefore their needs.  We pride ourselves on keeping up with the times and being able to constantly provide an effective service.

We can attend to all your trademark requirements, such as the searching and provision of opinion, preparation and filing of trademark applications, including the reviewing of the Trademarks Office correspondence on your behalf, saving you valuable time, and therefore allowing you to focus on more important day to day needs of your business or clients.

Services (In-Part)

  • Drafting and filing of trademark applications, industrial design applications and patent applications.
  • Attending to business licensing and compliance requirements.
  • Drafting and filing responses and arguments to trademark adverse examination reports issued by the Trademarks Office.
  • Attending to oppositions against accepted trademark applications.
  • Maintaining and monitoring intellectual property such that renewal periods are never missed.

Plus more…..


We take pride in being able to provide a first rate service at fee rates which, by comparison with our international and local competitors, are very attractive for Australian and overseas clients, and for our overseas associates. 

We trust that you will find the information useful and informative and look forward to assisting you in relation to your Intellectual Property and Business needs. 

Should you have any further questions regarding your intellectual property or Business requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.