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Australian Business Registrations 

Before registering a Business Name or Company Name, you need to know that such registration will not provide you with the exclusive rights to the marketing & advertising of such names, unless you have ensured you are not going to infringe upon a trademark that may be registered or pending registration in Australia.

With business registrations now being national,
TradeMarks Australia  recommends that proper searches are conducted to avoid trademark infringement and providing you with advice on the likelihood of being able to register this Business name when you're ready.

Our aim is to provide all of our clients with personal, expeditious and practical advice and solutions when it comes to registering their business name. We don't just go through the processes, we listen and understand your real needs so that we can provide you with tailored and personalised solutions.

The setup of a business can be complex and costly if the business owner does not choose the right business structure. 

History has shown that many new business fall foul of trade mark infringement laws. We undertake a thorough trademark infringement search giving you the peace of mind that you will not be served with legal documents for infringing on another businesses trademark rights.


Further information provided below:


Beware, before registering your business name


Do not let this happen to you!


Registering a business name


Further information about Business and Company registrations including domain names.




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