Many of you will have seen numerous media reports or articles over recent months regarding companies involved in costly defence of their intellectual property.

Whilst defending your registered trademark/s and designs is of course sometimes your only recourse, often this could have been avoided if the trademark owner had ensured that their current Trademark, packaging design, or logo was protected..

Evolution of packaging, designs and logos is common as businesses grow. Please, check your currently used designs, logos, slogans and packaging to ensure they haven't altered from your original registration.

Contact TradeMarks Australia™ for free advice if you are unsure if your existing trademark/s warrants further protection.

Advice regarding your existing registered trademarks is, of course, FREE



In an increasingly competitive and international environment, your Business Name and Brand are key business assets. They distinguish you from your competitors and are the basis of your revenue (and profit).
Have you taken the necessary steps to ensure that these assets are fully protected, and that your Brand and Business Name are not being used by a competitor?

Recently there have been many stories in the media relating to trade mark rights and fights over ownership of such rights; including names, brands and logos.

TradeMarks Australia¬ô can help you avoid unnecessary legal costs and exposure to business risk through the proper protection of your name and brand, including assistance with your current applications.

Protecting your name/brand
Protecting your Logo
Protecting your Slogan
Protecting your Domain Name
Protecting your 'Product Design'


DISPUTE #1 Bottle Designs/Shapes
'Coke v Pepsi'
"Coke says only it has the right to pinch in the waist of its cola bottles, forming what it calls the ''contour bottle'', and claims No. 2 brand Pepsi has stolen the idea."...Age News.



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Trademarks & Domain Names:

Do you have trademark protection for your 'product names'?
How secure are your product names against others registering them as a Domain Name?
Trademark registration WILL NOT stop others from registering them as a 'Domain Name'.
Are your product names secured with domain name registration?

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: (Product Designs)

Have you designed, about to design, or launch a new product into the marketplace?, if so, you may be able to obtain exclusive rights to it Australia-wide, enquire now....before you expose it!.....visit here to see examples of registered designs

*NB: The Design CANNOT be protected after you have launched/exposed it into the marketplace*



If you have goods manufactured in China, and have a brand/name applied to it, then it is critical that you register your trademark in China, otherwise you may have your goods seized by Customs in China, you can avoid this potential problem by protecting your brand in China.:

Trademark registration: $750au (Inclusive of Government fees, Professional fees & GST)

Luxembourg (DPA) -
Danish toymaker Lego cannot register a picture of one of its iconic building bricks as a trademark, because the Lego product cannot be distinguished from other manufacturers' bricks

Manila -
The Supreme Court (SC) has ruled in favour of a multinational firm, food and beverage manufacturer Nestlé, in an infringement case it filed against a locally-owned distributor of a milk brand supposedly similar to the one it produces



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