Trademark Examination Reports and Letters


It is not uncommon for trademark applications to receive a report from the Australian Trademarks Office saying there are problems in the trademark application.
it is very important to note that at times it can be a lengthy process in order to achieve a positive outcome, which highlights the importance of attending to these types of matters as soon as possible, if not your brand reputation may be jeopardised.
There can be many reasons the Australian Trademarks Office issues a report, ranging from proposed names being the same or similar to an already registered trademark, to errors in the original application requiring further information etc.
Some issues can be reasonably straightforward to address/attend to, with some more challenging.
More often than not, it can also be rather challenging just trying to interpret what the correspondence is stating.
The Australia Trademarks Office also requires that if you are an International applicant or Agent outside of Australia, you will be required to arrange for an Australian representative to attend to such matters.
We regularly assists clients in analysing and responding to these reports. With intimate and detailed knowledge of Australian Trademark regulations we can ensure you have a greater chance of success in overcoming objections identified in the report, and providing strategic recommendations, your options or appropriate action in order to achieve success.
NB: We can also attend to such report on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on more important business needs.

Upon reviewing the correspondence (Free of Charge) we will communicate with you advising you of the most appropriate strategy to achieve your objective.

In dealing with your initial notification of refusal for registration we attend to the following matters:
  • Review and Analyse the report (Free of Charge)
  • Identify appropriate strategies to respond to the report (Free of Charge)
  • Prepare comprehensive submissions for the Australian Trademarks Office Examiner
  • Identify and submit relevant evidence if required
  • Liaise and correspond with the Australian Trademarks Office Examiner on your behalf

Instructing TradeMarks Australia is as easy as ABC… simply complete and submit the form below with a copy of the relevant correspondence, we will then review and communicate accordingly.

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