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We have provided very important information below because we feel that it is extremely relevant to all Business and Brand-holders, such that it is critical that you are aware of the importance and complexities surrounding trademarks.

If your brand or proposed brand is valuable / important to you, and you are really serious about protecting it, then it is strongly recommended that you review all the information provided below before investing valuable time and money into promotion, marketing and advertising.

We are here to assist you in achieving your objectives, with clear quality advice and recommendations.  The depth of knowledge and experience of which TradeMarks Australia™ has accumlated since 1997 is to your absolute benefit and advantage, saving you time, money and the avoidance of costly mistakes in the preliminary stages of your brand protection strategy. 

It is crucial that you be aware that objections, and potentially litigation can occur if you have not been diligent in having reasonably thorough research conducted prior to filing your trademark application. 

What we Do:

As we know the requirements for proper search, we will conduct a comprehensive and thorough search for you with a written report outlining our findings, including recommendation and/or advice on how best you should move forward.

Some (not limited to) very important considerations when searching:

  • Is the name registrable?
  • Is the name going to infringe upon another trademark in relation to the same or associated goods and/or services?
  • Is the name too similar to another?
  • Is a more comprehensive search and opinion required?

Requesting a search, just complete the form below, we will then communicate with you to obtain further information (if required) re your brand before proceeding with the search, results being available to you within three calendar days.

Trademark Registration (application)

Obtaining registration of a trademark in Australia can be a rather lengthy process.

Just filing an application will not get you over the line, the outcome of your application will not be known for at least 3-4 months, obtaining a clear picture will provide you with confidence in moving forward with further expense, marketing and advertising etc.

The first you will hear of your likely success or not is approx. 4 months after your application has been filed.

Currently it can take from 12 to 15 months (providing there are no objections) for a successful registration. This does not mean you have to wait this long in order to use your trademark.

You can commence using your trademark – with the ™ symbol – from your initial date of filing the application.

This does not mean that you can claim registration, as at this stage your trademark application is just that, an application for registration.

The use of the ™ symbol basically means that your trademark is pending, and it also acts as a notice that you are claiming rights in relation to the goods or services with which it is being used to identify. 

It can be a lengthy process to obtain registration – Hence the importance of getting your application right from the beginning.

Don’t put your new brand at risk, obtain a professional opinion, do it right from the start, get the right advice from the start, especially when we may have recommendations and advice that you may not have considered. 

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