Trademark Searches


Before filing a trademark application it is important to ensure that a search is undertaken to establish that no one has earlier and better rights to your trade mark or a similar trade mark for your goods and services of interest.  Comprehensive searches are recommended to ensure that a used but registered trademark can not be used to prevent you from using and registering your own trademark.


Once we receive your inquiry we will undertake a basic FREE search on your behalf.  We will then advise you whether it is worthwhile undertaking a more detailed and thorough search.  After we have undertaken these searches we will provide a detailed report identifying the uniqueness of the proposed trademark and any identified issues that may need to be overcome. 


Getting us to work for you is easy, simply fill in the below form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

COSTS - Search type

Service Description Fee
Basic Search A general search to identify any exact results Free
Thorough Search (without written Report) A thorough search of same and similar Trademarks with emailed results USD $150.00
Detailed Search and Comprehensive written Search Report A detailed search of same and similar Trademarks with a comprehensive written report provided with recommendations on how to overcome any identified hurdles USD $250.00

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