Trademark Research

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Do you know how damaging it can be if you have not conducted strong research thoroughly?

Can you afford to invest in another brand if you have to start again with another brand as a result of not conducting comprehensive research?

Trademark matters are very serious, and without thorough preliminary research can be very complex if you are unfamiliar with the implications associated with a Trademark application, objections, and infringements.

Before using your new brand it is important that Comprehensive preliminary Trademark Research is critical.


 Trademark Protection is very important, and that you have the right security for your brand in Australia.

We will provide you with the correct advice and recommendations, in order to ensure that you have your right protection.


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      ‘Free’ & Basic Trademark Research, Advice & Professional Assistance

Name Research, Professional Advice & Assistance – $100.00

Logo Research, Professional Advice & Assistance- $150.00

Gov. ‘Adverse Report’: We review & advise of Trademarks Examiner of Letter Report – $150.00 

Trademark Renewal Assistance

      $550.00au (Per Class)

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Trademark Application

With properly drafted Trademark Applications are crucial before introducing your new brand into the marketplace, be it in Australia or elsewhere internationally.

If your brand name is very important to your business, and you about to spend high costs re signage etc…..then it is extremely important that you know if your brand is available.

We also communicate directly with you in order to provide you clear, & strong protection advice.


  • Single Name Application: $450.00au
  • Combined Name & Image Application: $450.00au
  • Single Logo/Image Application: $450.00au
  • You may prefer to file a simple application – Standard Application Form

We available 7 days per week (Mon-Sun)

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