Trademark Advice & Recommendations

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We are here to help you achieve your Trademark Search, Trademark application & Trademark Registration objective with strong quality advice and recommendations.

The depth of knowledge and experience which TradeMarks Australia™  since 1997 is to your benefit, saving you time, money and avoiding costly mistakes.

We not only offer a range of services to cover your brand protection needs, we also bring our highly turned analytical skills into play with regard to strategically protecting your brand.

We attend to all requirements associated with the protection of brands, trademarks and physical Product Designs in Australia and elsewhere internationally.

EG: Via The Manufacturing Industry, and/or of your new Clothing Designs or Clothing Shapes.

We advise and provide assistance to business with the complex process of filing effective trademark applications and registrations in Australia and Internationally.

'Thorough Trademark Research' by valuable Importance

Do you know how damaging it can be if you have not conducted strong research thoroughly?

Can you afford to invest in another brand if you have to start again with another brand as a result of not conducting comprehensive research?

Trademark matters are very serious, and without the thorough preliminary research can be very complex if you are unfamiliar with the implications associated with a Trademark application, objections and infringements.

Before using your new brand  it is important that Comprehensive preliminary Trademark Research is critical.

With properly drafted Trademark Applications are crucial before introducing your new brand into the marketplace, be-it Australia or elsewhere internationally.

If your brand name is very important to your business, and you about to spend high costs re signage etc…..then it is extremely important that you know if your brand is available.

Good Trademark Search Advice Options:


  1. Straight Name or Logo Proper Search –  Professional Basic Research & Advice – $100.00
  2. Thorough Professional & Comprehensive Search & Report – $150.00
  3. Thorough Professional & Comprehensive Search advice & recommendation (With a written report) $200.00
  4. Logo Comprehensive Research & Advice – $240.00
  5. Review, advice & assistance of Trademarks Office application report – $100.00 Per trademark

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