Trademark Application

Basic Trademark Application Form

Properly drafted Trademark Applications are crucial before introducing your new brand into the marketplace, be it in Australia or elsewhere internationally.

If your brand name is very important to your business, and you about to spend high costs re signage etc…..then it is extremely important that you know if your brand is available.

We also communicate directly with you in order to provide you clear, & strong protection advice.

In the mean time, you may prefer to file a simple application:


Single Name only: $450.00

Simple Logo only: $450.00

Combined Name & Image: $450.00

Our Simple Standard Application Form.

Our Professional Guidance & Assistance for you of the application, we will communicate directly with you.

In order to ensure you have a good & strong application.


Discuss, or request a quotation with us before your application – request our Free Advice & Assistance below: