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'Domain Name Use' and Trademarks - can be sued if not careful!

Differences between trademarks, business, company and domain names.

Registration of a business name, company name or domain name will not provide you with exclusive rights to the marketing and advertising of your name unless you have ensured as much as possible, that your name is not likely to infringe upon any trademarks that are currently registered, or pending registration in Australia.

Or, you have obtained trademark registration for your exact name, or important component of your name with at least a trademark application under way.

  • Does your Domain Name infringe on existing trademarks?
  • Make sure your proposed Domain name isn’t already registered as a trademark.
  • Is your Domain name protected?
  • Need help getting a domain name registered?

Trademark Registration verses Domain Registration - What Are the Risks?

While many companies and businesses may be aware, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has brought about a while new range of domain addresses.

No longer can businesses rely soley on .com,, or other historic prefixes.  With the introduction of new domains such as .coffee and .clothing, businesses are placed at a higher risk of inadvertent trademark infringement.

So what role does trademark registration play with domain registration?  Well this is a higly complex area and one that many businesses are finding out the hard way, resulting in trademark infringement matters that can be costly and stressful.

TradeMarks Australia™ has been staying ahead of the complex risks that businesses now face when registering domain names and is able to provide you wiht comprehensive domain and trademark searches to make sure that you are not facing a potential law suit. 

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