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Industrial (Shape)Product Design Registration

The appearance of a product you make can be one of your greatest commercial assets in setting yourself apart from competition. Registering the design of your product can prevent others from using the design without your permission.

The owner of the design will have the exclusive right to apply the design to the product for which it is registered. Registered designs protect the way things look rather than their functionality. 

There are a number of steps to take before you register your design, from deciding if you have a design to preparing images and drawings. 

Legal registration or protection is available for the shape (e.g. shape of table or chair), configuration or ornamentation of a product which is new and not published. 


  • The shape of a Coca-Cola bottle
  • The pattern on a footbal jumper
  • The shape of the Holden Monaro car

Some other examples of types of what can be a registered design guide styles:


To be registrable, your design must be new and not yet in the public domain/marketplace. Once a design is released to the marketplace you will lose any chance of gaining exclusive rights to that design.

TradeMarks Australia can attend to the following on your behalf.

  • Industrial design search
  • Prepare and file applications
  • Attend to the registration of designs
  • Service address for Australian& International design owners.

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